Absorption Warehouse Cooling Systems

Absorption Warehouse Cooling Systems are used for heating and cooling purposes, providing both environmental protection and energy saving. Effective use of energy and increasing the possibilities of benefiting from renewable energy sources are gaining more and more importance day by day.

The economic applicability and application methods of renewable energy sources are of great importance in the cold storage sector, as in all systems of Absorption Warehouse Cooling Systems. Absorption warehouse cooling systems, which are systems that can be used for cooling, are especially preferred by our customers because they work with renewable energy sources such as solar energy and geothermal energy, and thermal energy sources such as waste heat from industrial facilities.

Warehouse Cooling Systems are more complex than other cooling systems and the cooling effect coefficient is smaller; but they are the most suitable systems for the evaluation of waste energies and renewable energies. Although the compression process is done with a compressor in other systems, this process is performed with a system consisting of an absorber and a generator in absorption systems. If you want to benefit from these systems at the most affordable prices, all you have to do is contact us.

What is the Absorption Mechanism?

Absorption technically; It is an expression among the mechanical words meaning to absorb, to absorb. Absorption, which is also associated with the word absorb; It is the release of gas energy, especially from a solid energy source, at the end of the thermal process. It is technically possible to use the term absorptive mechanism for all systems that transform and absorb by absorption.

Insulation and cooling machines produced with this logic are also used in warehouse systems that work with the said principle and are especially important for the preservation of products that are sensitive to heat. One of the most important features of these systems, which are put into production as Absorption Warehouse Cooling Mechanism, is that they benefit from the existing energy due to their working structure and save the user in the field of energy.

How Absorption Warehouse Cooling Systems Work?

Absorption Warehouse Cooling Systems are basically similar to vapor compression mechanical cooling systems in terms of working principle. In absorption warehouse cooling systems, generator and absorber mechanism, also known as thermal compressors, are used instead of mechanical compressors that provide fluid circulation and consume the most electrical energy in vapor compression mechanical cooling systems.

Two different fluids circulate in cooling systems operating with this working mechanism. One of these fluids acts as a refrigerant and the other as an absorber. Although there are many fluid couples, Ammonia (NH3)-Water and Water-Lithium Bromide (LiBr) couples have been used in practice in recent years.

Solar Energy and Warehouse Cooling Systems

Cooling with solar energy, especially air conditioning, is one of the processes required in the seasons when solar energy is at its highest. In our country, solar energy is mostly used for hot water heating, both as a potential and an application. Developing these systems in a way that they can do cooling as well as heating plays an important role in environmental and energy saving.

Teknotek Warehouse Cooling Systems

You can contact us to have the absorption model of the warehouse cooling system, which is based on processing the energy released safely in its own internal mechanism and providing service by saving.

Teknotek Cooling Systems has recently focused on social and industrial structures, factories and warehouses, shopping centers, etc., in its work in Turkey and abroad. continues to respond to the cooling systems of many buildings, such as, with its environmentally friendly and affordable approach.

For our portfolio, where we guarantee the most transparent service in terms of pricing, we also provide technical support services with our expert team in the stages of discovery and determination of the most suitable mechanism.

You can request support from our staff, who are ready to present your cold room systems and panels that can be used as coating materials in cold air rooms, with the most affordable prices.

You can learn details about warehouse cooling systems, which are among the preferred applications for Factory Cooling Systems.

If you want to take advantage of the absorption warehouse cooling systems and advantages at the most affordable prices without harming the nature, contact us without waiting any longer. Prefer Teknotek Cooling Systems for a better future. In addition, by following our social media accounts, you can be informed about our advantageous campaigns and discounts.

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