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Cold Storage is a system designed to meet your expectations and raise your business quality standards in every sense. In order to get 100% efficiency from our systems, the design is divided into parts. Each piece has been perfected in the area in which it is used, thus maximizing the quality of work.

While Cold Storage meets the needs of the industry sector, it also offers heat, water, sound insulation and fire safety depending on its insulation structure. In addition to being affordable, aesthetic and high quality, it safely protects the building from external atmospheric conditions.

Teknotek Cooling Systems carrs on23aqs2 its activities in our country and abroad without slowing down. In recent years, it has responded to the roof, facade and interior partition needs of many buildings such as social buildings, industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, shopping centers, at an affordable price. Cold room systems that can be used as coating material in cold air rooms are ready to meet your demands with the most affordable prices.

Cooling Systems for Food Storage

What is Cold Storage?

Food products and some industrial products experience structural changes depending on the conditions of their environment. After the food products are harvested, they begin to lose their vitality and rot. Storing these products in cold storage after harvest preserves the metabolism of the product and keeps it fresh for a long time. It is ensured that food products are delivered to the consumer in a fresh way by storing them in insulated rooms with air conditioning systems called cold storage.

Many different products can be stored in cold storage. Different food products can be stored, such as fruits and vegetables, meat products, dairy products and fish. These products are affected by the temperature and humidity balance of the environment they are in. Temperature change triggers the reproduction of micro-organisms. In addition, moisture loss of the product can reduce its quality and cause weight loss. Therefore, both temperature and humidity levels should be monitored in the cold storage. To achieve this, industrial cooling devices and humidification systems should be used.

Greenhouse Humidifier

What are the Features of Cold Storages?

Cold storage rooms are isolated special rooms in which the air conditions are constantly monitored and cut off air exchange with the outside. The insulated parts used ensure the products are not affected by the climatic conditions outside. The air inside reaches all surfaces and the entire store equally. The cold room can cool between 15 degrees and -40 degrees depending on the product to be stored. Cold storages are classified by these temperature values:

  • Cool Storage: Between 8-15 degrees,
  • Cold Storage: between 2-8 degrees,
  • Refrigerator: between -4 and 2 degrees,
  • Frozen Storage: between 0 and -25 degrees,
  • Shocking: -25 to -40 degrees

The temperature values of the cold room are adjusted according to the product to be stored, thus the products are stored in the most ideal conditions. Food products are hygroscopic products. They exchange moisture with their environment. Therefore, industrial humidifier is used in the cold storage.

What is the Working Principle of Cold Storage?

There are many factors to consider when designing a cold storage project. Artificial climate should be kept under control and air permeability should be prevented by using special airtight equipment. An air circulation should be created in the cold storage so that the cooling reaches the entire area equally.

The working principle of the cold room is based on the cooling of the heat by taking it from the low temperature and sending it to the high temperature. The hot air is condensed with a condenser thanks to an air circulation loop created. By being sent to the expansion valve, the air has low pressure. The evaporator cools the air and returns it to the environment. Heat tends to move from high temperature to low temperature. For this reason, it should be prevented in cold rooms that the heat enters and lowers the temperature of the surfaces.

Design and Use of Cold Storage

Cold storage systems should be used in accordance with some criteria in the design, installation and use.

  • The ideal storage temperature of the products to be stocked must be determined. Excessive cooling can cause freezing and waste of products.
  • The total amount of product to be stored should be calculated.
  • Humidification systems and cooling devices to be installed in the cold storage should be chosen to be sufficient for the entire store.
  • The air circulation to be created in the store should be designed.
  • Heat absorption and retention of parts inside the store is prevented by using cold storage doors, cold storage panels and cold storage shelves.
  • It may be necessary to constantly control the temperature in the store and to intervene in a possible heat change.
  • Instructions, warnings and signs required for occupational safety and health in the store must be followed.
  • Employees are required to dress appropriately for the cold environment.
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