Cold storage is a storage area that is maintained at low temperature for the storage of food and medical products. The purpose of designing these warehouses is to ensure that the appropriate temperature and humidity balance is maintained according to the product.

Cold storage is  in industrial and commercial areas, ensuring that products remain fresh, do not spoil, and maintain quality standards. They have an important role in terms of food safety and quality control. These warehouses are usually covered with special insulation materials and work with special cooling systems that can be kept at a low temperature.

United States Cold Storage

Cold rooms are equipped with modern technology and consist of panels that do not ensure that room temperatures are stable. It is integrated with automation and tracking systems to facilitate the storage, transportation and distribution of products. In this way, temperature, humidity and other factors are constantly monitored and controlled throughout the storage process of the products.

Thus, the quality and safety of the products are always protected. At low temperatures, there is a cooling process in the range of 15 degrees to -40 degrees, which usually varies according to the product. In this way, the  deterioration of the products is prevented and their freshness is preserved.

Cold storage is an area where not only food but also the chemical industry is frequently used. In addition to chemicals, many drugs also require storage in cold-stabilized environments. For this reason, it is very convenient to store chemicals that need storage conditions with the support of cold room systems.

It is used in many different sectors such as cold rooms, large markets, food manufacturers, restaurants, hospitals. It is aimed to preserve the quality and freshness of the products, to prevent spoilage and to store them in a hygienic environment.

Cold Storage

It is also used for stocking products, managing logistics processes and distributing products.
What are the Advantages of Cold Storage Panel ?

  • It is easy to clean and saves energy.
  • It is hygienic and antibacterial.
  • It is resistant to impacts and impacts.
  • Thanks to its modular parts, it provides convenience in the transportation process.
  • It can be used in many areas, from the process area to freezing tanks.
  • The panels can be applied to both steel construction structure and reinforced concrete buildings.

U.S. Cold Storage

Cold rooms have an important role to play in maintaining the quality of products and optimizing business processes. These rooms are equipped with special cooling systems that are capable of maintaining low temperatures. They are usually covered with insulating materials, ensuring stable control of the internal temperature. Thus, industrial enterprises can store their products safely and soundly. The importance and function of these rooms are increasing day by day and are of great importance in terms of food safety, quality control and consumer health.

For this reason, cold storage management and technology are constantly being developed and improved. They ensure long-term preservation of products with minimal heat and energy loss. In addition, in order for the cold room to work efficiently, the locations of the cooling units must be determined correctly.  It is not affected by the climatic conditions outside by means of the insulated parts used. It is ensured that the air inside reaches all surfaces and the entire tank equally. Before the installation of these rooms, factors such as the type of product to be stored, the amount of stock and the inlet-exit density are calculated and projected. Cold room panels are filled with high-density polyurethane and are durable. The panels are also locked with a specially adjusted eccentric lock system that is intertwined in male and female form. Thanks to the lock system, the panels can be easily assembled and disassembled to each other. Thus, they offer convenience in transportation and transportation stages.

Cold storage plays an important role in meeting the modern food industry and consumer demands. The efficient and effective operation of these warehouses is a critical factor in delivering fresh and quality products to the consumer. For this reason, it is important for cold storage businesses to follow technological developments and best practices. In this way, it is possible to safely store food products and consume them fresh all over the world.

After all; Food safety and quality control are the foundation of being a brand that consumers trust. It is of great importance for businesses to pay attention to these issues in order to ensure the safety and quality of their products. Cold storages offer the opportunity to respond quickly to market demands. Producers can meet demand by storing produce when it is harvested and bringing it to market when the appropriate time comes. This provides flexibility in supply chain management. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, solutions with high equipment in the technological field are produced.

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