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Cold storage room prices may vary depending on project requirements. The cost of cold storage room is defined based on needs. Since the need for every cold storage room may vary, so may the prices.

Cold storage room prices vary depending on the area of use, product to be stored and the volume. Cold rooms are storage rooms where the temperature is kept under control and that make it possible for food and the stored products to be made accessible for the consumers. They provide ideal storage conditions through artificial weather conditions and air circulation. Industrial refrigeration prices are based on the capacity of cooling systems and use of insulated equipment.

How are Cold Storage Room Prices Defined?

Cold storage room & prices depend on the needs for storage. The needs for storage depend on the intended purpose. Some factors that impact these variables are as follows:

  • Product Specifications: The first factor is the product that will be stored. The ideal storage conditions for every product is different. While some products must be stored at 8-10 centigrade degree, others must be stored at -40. Unit coolers and humidification systems capacity are defined based on the need for cooling.
  • Amount of Product to be Stored: As the amount of product to be stored increases, the need for space and cooling will increase, as well. Storage room size must be defined considering the amount of product to be stored.
  • Daily Addition: Adding products to the cold storage room on a daily basis also impacts prices. Since newly added products will be warmer than the already-stored ones, there will be an increased need for cooling. Therefore, air conditioning systems with higher capacities may be required.
  • Equipment to be Used in the Storage Room: The equipment to be used in cold storage rooms are custom-engineered so that they comply with the air conditioning. These equipment include cold room doors, cold room panels and cold room shelves.
  • Location to Install the Storage Room: The capacity of the cooling systems may vary depending on climate of the area where a cold storage room is to be installed.

Cold storage room projects are designed considering these factors. Based on the project, required equipment and cooling systems are defined and priced.

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Cold Storage Room Cooling System

As Teknotek, we offer cold storage room solutions. We design and implement cold storage room projects based on your needs. We assist you with industrial cooling systems and humidification systems so that you get the best air conditioning you need. You may contact us to acquire further information about cold storage rooms.

Cold Storage Room Prices