Cold storage room prices are affected by the technical characteristics of the warehouse, its size and the requirements of the project. These warehouses are also known as cold storage rooms . Cold room prices are also calculated according to the capacity of the cooling systems and the use of insulated materials.

What are the cold storage room prices ? The cost of cold storage may vary according to the area where the system will be used, the product to be stored and the volume of the products. A cold storage is a temperature-controlled storage area that ensures that food and products reach the consumer without spoiling. These tanks are manufactured using special insulated materials and cooling systems.

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Cold Storage Room Prices 2nd Hand

Cold storages are generally used for the preservation of foodstuffs that are planned to be delivered to the consumer without spoiling. The requirements of the warehouse vary according to the intended use. Second hand prices are also determined according to the needs of the warehouse. Cold storage prices can be affected by the following factors.

  • Product features: The ideal storage conditions of the products may be different. A temperature of 8-10 degrees is needed for some nutrients, and -40 degrees for others. According to this cooling need, the capacity of the cooling device and humidification systems is determined.
  • Amount of product to be stored: The larger the quantity, the higher the cooling space requirement. Warehouse dimensions should be calculated by taking into account the area that the products will occupy while being stored.
  • Daily entry amount: The amount of new products that will enter the warehouse on a daily basis affects the prices. In a constantly circulating warehouse, newly arrived products will be relatively warm. Systems with a higher cooling volume should be used as it will require more cooling in the warehouse.
  • Materials to be used in the warehouse: Materials to be used in cold rooms can also be produced to suit the air cycle. Parts such as cold storage doors, cold storage panels are used.
  • The place where the warehouse will be installed: The climatic conditions of the area where the warehouse will be installed may affect the cooling system capacity that will be needed.
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Cold Storage Rental Prices

How much does cold storage cost? Cold storages; It also has options such as buying or renting second hand. The parts in the structure of the products may wear out to a certain extent as they are used. If it is planned to use durable products that operate at higher performance, it would be a better choice to turn to zero cold room options.

How much is the cold storage? Cold rooms should be chosen in a width suitable for the amount of food groups planned to be cooled. The degree of cooling should also be at a level that will help these product groups to maintain their freshness. Cold storage rental prices are similarly affected by the technical characteristics of the warehouse.

How do cold storages work? Industrial cooling devices are needed to provide temperature monitoring and control in cold rooms. Heat and humidity are two factors that are directly related to each other. To control the heat level of an environment, it is necessary to control the humidity level. You can contact us to get information about cold storage and to submit your order requests.

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Cold Storage Working Principle

Cold rooms are warehouses that can keep the air temperature constant and are not affected by the outside temperature. Therefore, heat permeability is minimized by using insulated parts. The parts used in the cold storage can be listed as follows;

  • Cold storage panels : These are insulated panels that prevent the heat permeability of the cold air room. It prevents the heat inside the tank from escaping and the outside heat from entering inside.
  • Cold storage doors: These are the insulated doors, which have varieties such as monorail, flip-flap , sliding and hinged, preventing the air in the warehouse from leaking out thanks to their rubber gaskets.
  • Cold storage shelves: These are the shelves that can adapt to the temperature in the cold room .

Cooling devices allow the temperature to decrease by cooling the air and giving it back to the environment. As the temperature drops, the humidity in the air also decreases. Too much humidity can damage the quality and properties of the products. Therefore, the humidity level of the environment can be balanced by placing a humidifier in the warehouse. Humidification devices provide moisture saturation by spraying micro water particles into the air.

Cold Storage Room Prices