Providing the panel which is the compulsory component of the cold storage systems are the first requirement of the system to be installed. Before mentioning about the cold room panel which is the indispensable part of a cooling system, let’s talk about cooling systems.

The cooling process prevents the deterioration of the chemical structure of the products and stores the products in a healthier way much longer than in the open air. The cooling process is used for these important obligations:

  • Longer freshness of foodstuffs
  • Protection against two important factors, heat and humidity
  • Stabilization of temperature and humidity
  • Prevention of microorganism formation

In particular, chemical degradation of the enzymes existing in the product triggers the growth of microorganisms due to the factors such as air, inappropriate temperature and variable humidity. These and similar negativities in the product lead to sectoral difficulties for both the producer and the consumer. Cooling systems exist to prevent all of these adversities in full sense.

Cold Storage Systems

Considering its technical characteristics such as heat insulation and durability, energy saving in the cooling of the storage is the most important part of the cooling system.

Moreover, cold weather panels must meet established standards for optimum efficiency as follow:

  • Polyurethane support (polyurethane filled parts for insulation)
  • Calibration in part of panels (thickness or insulation density)
  • Exterior surfaces of panel
  • Certificates of panels manufacturer (ISO 9001) and panels (TSE)

Pricing in Cold Weather Panels

All these are the characteristics of the panels to be used in the the space where the cooling system will be set in order to create an environment protecting from external factors. When the working principles of cooling systems are considered, it is also essential to minimize energy expenditure.Therefore, the most important factors in saving are the insulation quality of the panels and the production material. This leads to a difference in the production costs of the panels.

cold storage systems