Cold Room Door Systems differ depending on the environment to be used, the conditions of the environment, the door dimensions and the wishes of the users. Technotek As Cooling Systems , we are at your service with our cold room door systems and warehouse cooling systems.

Cold Room Door Systems are of great importance in terms of thermal insulation of cold rooms and cold storages you have. In addition to the cooling systems used in cold rooms and cold storage rooms, the most important factor for continuity is the adjustment of the heat balance and the absence of temperature loss. These functionally manufactured systems are offered to your service using Teknotek branded products , all of which have unique designs .

Cold Room Door and Panel Systems

Together with our expert teams, we make the necessary examinations for the cold room systems you need, and we ensure that our systems with easy installation and assembly feature are put into operation as soon as possible. If you want to get more information about cold room doors used for factory cooling systems, you can review the rest of our article. You can contact us to be informed about the prices and to benefit from the service guarantee we offer at the highest standards.

The features of these systems can be listed as follows;

  • PVC coating or stainless sheet surfaces
  • Anodized aluminum profiles
  • Threshold-non-threshold, panel-construction style types
  • Eccentric hinge system
  • Full contact with the surface with soft door rubbers
  • Heat bridge preventer plastic case profiles
  • Locked and ergonomic handle
  • Normal and deep containment applications
  • Resistance application for deep storage
  • The wing parts of the cold room doors are manufactured from the panel by injecting polyurethane between the two sheets.

cold room door systems,

  • Monorail pass sliding door
  • Hinged door with monorail transit
  • cold room sliding door
  • Hinged type doors
  • Flip – flap doors

It has many varieties and options. Thanks to our door systems, which have been optimized for users with the improvements made, you can have an insulated environment not only in terms of heat but also in terms of sound.

Cold Room Door Systems Price

In order to prevent possible sweating and heat losses that may occur because the door is in constant contact with the external environment; The wing frame profiles that we have specially designed for our door systems are equipped with air ducted wing gasket and heat barrier.

cold room or cold storage door dimensions ? The thicknesses of our doors are 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm and 150 mm. As surface material; Polyester dyed galvanized sheet, PVC coated galvanized sheet and stainless sheet options are available. The frame of the doors can be produced from a special aluminum profile or from the same industrial panels as the wing detail.

door frame Technotek It is attached to the panel with special non-heat-conducting fasteners belonging to Refrigeration . Our crates are suitable for cold room panel thickness. All accessories used in our cold room door productions are designed in accordance with international standards. These doors can be in the form of automatic doors or sliding doors.

cold room or cold storage door price , you can contact us via our contact information on our website.

Cold Room Door Systems