Cold Room Humidification Systems

Cold Room Humidification Systems are one of the most important systems for cold storage. These systems are used to preserve existing products. With Teknotek quality and experience, you will gain efficiency and keep your products healthy for a long time.

Cold Room Humidification Systems balance humidity with water particles smaller than 10 μm through the oscillator. In addition, the air in the room becomes humid as the humidity is increased. It has a compact appearance with its digital control screen and stainless steel case. With the automation system, it has automatic water level control and provides ease of use. Although it has high humidity capacity, our humidifiers operate at low noise level.

Key Features of Cold Room Humidification Systems

Humidification systems are of great importance in order to maintain sanitary and temperature balance. When temperature reaches a certain level, air can hold a certain amount of water vapor. The higher the temperature level of the air, the more water vapor it holds. With the condensation of cold air droplets in the air, the conversion to water will begin. Humidifiers moisten dry air by passing it through a water tank or by spraying with the water inside.

In the summer months, when some foodstuffs become so humid in hot and humid weather, this will cause difficulties in the packaging process of the product. It is very important to constantly control the humidity and temperature conditions of the environment in pasta, medicine, photographic film, confectionery and paper factories. Humidification systems absorb all moisture when moist air passes over the silica gel in the tray. In the next step, the tray is automatically heated and reactivated when it dries.

Cold Storage Humidification Systems

Humidification systems for cold storages have become widespread with the developing technology. Since it is used for indoor humidification, it adjusts the temperature and light of the indoor area.

The areas where humidifiers are mostly used are as follows:

  • Cold storage
  • Greenhouses
  • Botanical gardens
  • Textile workshops
  • Server rooms
  • Enclosed areas where paper is produced
  • Indoor areas where tobacco production is carried out
  • Laboratories
  • Enclosed areas with offset printing
  • Paint booth
  • Museums

It has a wide range of usage area. The humidifiers help to preserve your products fresh by balancing air humidity level and to attain efficiency. Please contact us to take advantage of our humidification systems that is well-matched with your industry.