Cold Room Panels System, facade panels and sandwich roof provide fire safety with heat, water and sound insulation depending on the insulation structure in buildings that meet the needs of the industry sector and make life easier and comfortable. In addition to being economical, aesthetic and high quality, it reliably protects the building from external atmospheric conditions.

Cold Room Panels System are produced with an eccentric locking system. Thanks to this system, assembly and disassembly can be done easily. Said panels are 114 cm wide as standard and can be produced in any desired size up to 1200 cm.

Cold Room Panels System and Prices

Floor Panels and Insulation

Cold room panel dimensions are 12 mm thick (inner surface) as standard. The surface layers are made of original birch wood. It has a non-slip, moisture-proof, hygienic and practical structure, easy to maintain. The upper part is dark brown, hexagonal textured and has a density of 240 gr/m². Its outer surface consists of a 0.50 mm thick galvanized sheet.

The floor panel has a smooth spring load carrying capacity of 3,000 kg/m². It is produced optionally as (PLW+ Galv ) ( PVC+KON+Galv ) or (Mat Cr – Ni + KON + Galv ) sheet.

cold room panels is in a wide range between 6 cm and 20 cm. It can be used in all kinds of areas from processing areas to freezing warehouses and has the features to meet all needs. Galvanized sheet, polyester dyed sheet or stainless chrome nickel sheet can be used as the outer surface coating material for the panels . In addition, panels are produced by filling certain amounts of polyurethane between two sheet metal plates, and this method allows the panels to be prefabricated.

Cold Room Wall and Ceiling Panel

Cold storage wall and ceiling panels reduce energy costs thanks to CE certified polyurethane filling, which provides high thermal insulation. It helps to preserve the quality of the products in the cold storage for a long time.

Ni ) (Galvanized) on both surfaces depending on demand and usage area, or with optionally changing surface options.

Industrial Cold Room Panel

Cold rooms and warehouses allow the product to be stored in a healthy, safe and modern way without losing its properties. They are very practical solutions for storage facilities.

  • Cold stores can be manufactured in desired dimensions and features.
  • Wall – Ceiling – Floor Panels can be produced in 60-80-100-120-150-200 mm thickness, 1114 mm width and optionally from 500 mm to 12.000 mm length.
  • Polyurethane rigid foam with a density of 42 kg / m³ is injected between the surface of the panels.
  • The panel design is connected to each other with a special eccentric locking system. This feature allows it to be moved to different places within the enterprise and to enlarge the additional cold storage.

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Cold Storage Panels

Today, the reason for the high amount of financial loss in products with expiration dates is that they are not stored correctly. The biggest reason for this is the insufficient cooling of the cold storage rooms or the inadequacies in the devices used for cooling and poor quality materials.

cold storage panels,

  • Industrial panel, wall and ceiling
  • ground and
  • It is examined in three parts, namely isolation.

These panels can be applied in both steel-constructed structures and reinforced concrete buildings in a practical way. Thus, needs can be met by producing special solutions for special projects. As can be seen, the production of cold storage panels is a job that requires experience and expertise.

that some users are doing research on second-hand cold room panels or second-hand cold storage panel prices . In the second hand of cold storage panels, there is usually no guaranteed technical service support and the product has a shorter life. We recommend you to choose brand new products for guaranteed support and long life. Thus, you will be able to use your products for a longer time and you will make a more profitable choice in the long run.

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