Cold room PVC curtain systems are one of the indispensable parts of warehouse cooling systems. In addition to cooling a particular area, keeping the cold air in and providing insulation is also very important. PVC strip curtain meets your needs with the highest standards in the most economical ways.

Cold room PVC curtain systems have wide usage areas all over our country, especially in metropolises such as Ankara and Istanbul. It is used at conveyor entrances, personnel entrance doors, refrigerated vehicle doors when two spaces need to be separated from each other. Once installed, it does not require maintenance and can be used for years. It provides high level of energy saving.

Cold Room PVC Curtain Systems Prices

PVC curtain systems are especially preferred in welding rooms, goods loading and unloading doors, cold and frozen warehouse doors. Since PVC curtain can be used as a door, it will help you create a safe and sterile environment.

The cold room curtain can vary according to the characteristics of the region where it will be used, the temperature value and the purpose of use. PVC strip curtains are resistant to yellowing and cracking due to sunlight, thanks to an ultraviolet-blocking substance.


Transparent PVC strip curtain types do not block the sunlight and provide a clear view of the back. It provides high visibility security, especially in places where vehicle and personnel entrance and exit are dense. The flexibility of all PVC curtains is suitable for unlimited vehicle and personnel passage. PVC strip curtains can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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PVC Strip Curtain Prices

PVC strip curtain provides the highest level of insulation in every area that needs to be separated or isolated. Thanks to the PVC curtain systems designed and produced with Teknotek Cooling Systems additives, you can have an environment with 100% thermal insulation.

Types of PVC Strip Curtains can be listed as follows:

  • Standard Strip Curtain
  • Transparent PVC Door Curtain
  • Reinforced Strip Curtain
  • Low Temperature Strip Curtain
  • Anti-Bacterial Strip Curtain
  • Anti-Static Strip Curtain
  • Frosted Strip Curtain
  • Orange Strip Curtain
  • Red Stripe Curtain

Cold room PVC strip curtains can be examined in 4 parts as standard, colored, polar and reinforced. PVC strips can be 20 cm, 30 cm or 40 cm wide and 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm thick. The choice of strip varies according to the purpose of use, the width, length of the door or the place to be applied, and the material that will pass under it. It stands out with its reasonable prices, durability and wide usage areas. Cold room PVC curtain systems are delivered to all over the country by our Ankara-based company.

Cold Room PVC Curtain Systems