Cold room shelving prices. With the variety and quality of the product, and the experience and reliability of the company, we offer you the appropriate service. As indispensable for cold storage systems, Cold Room Shelvings are specially designed to prevent heat loss and preserve your products efficiently.

For detailed information about cold room shelving prices and types, you can contact us through our contact forms and phone numbers. Cold room shelvings are essential for products that are commercially mass-produced or need to be stored. Cold Room Shelvings, which have different features depending on the sector, also have many advantages. Cold Room Shelvings are divided into 3 groups according to the materials used and the advantages they offer:

  • Painted Shelvings,
  • Chrome-Nickel Plated Shelvings,
  • Stainless Steel Shelvings

It has an important use in terms of easy preservation, stacking and storage of products. It does not rust and oxidize even at long-term use. The cold storage is varied on different size and load carrying capacity. We offer industrial cold room shelves suitable for your sector.

Cold Room Shelving

Stainless Steel Cold Room Shelvings are generally preferred for cold and humid environments. It is one of our products with the highest quality and standards.

Chrome-Nickel Plated Shelving is bright, hard and durable due to a chemical coating. It is an aesthetic, cheap and perfect product with nickel and chrome alloy coating. It can be used in different areas in the sector. It is suitable for use as cold storage, decoration or in showrooms since its glamour.

Painted Cold Room Shelvings are baked at 200 degrees and can be used for decorative purposes. It is generally preferred for home, office or dry warehouses.

Cold Room Shelving Prices

Cold Room Shelvings are preferred for regular stacking in warehouses due to long-term durability and healthy conserve of goods. We support you to preserve your products healthy by making well-matched solutions in terms of use in different sectors. Please contact us to get a price on Cold Room Shelves – which have an important role in the efficient use of goods in cold storages and correct stacking.

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