The cost of cold storage can be affected by the capacity of the warehouse, the technical details of the cooling system in the warehouse and additional cooling and insulation components. In addition, costs such as architecture should also be taken into account if the project is to be written by a different person or company.

Cold storage cost prices may vary according to the cooling capacity of the warehouse or the cooling and humidity requirements of the products to be stored. For a good cost calculation, the project should be carefully created and all expenses should be taken into account. Cold storages work with cooling systems as the basic component. They can store foodstuffs such as fruit and vegetables or medical supplies such as vaccines.

Cold Storage Facilities

There is no ideal and single size value that can be recommended for cold storage. Because the dimensions are completely proportional to the needs of your business. With the selection of products that will address these needs, the cold storage price issue can also be clarified.

Cold storages fulfill their functions with different components working together. The most basic of these functions is cooling. In addition to systems, insulation materials are also required for cooling to work in the most effective way. In addition, humidity values should be at optimum rates for the products stored. Humidification devices can be used for this purpose. The materials sold by Teknotek and can be delivered all over the country can be listed as follows.

  • Cold storage panels
  • Cold storage doors
  • Tekno Cold cooling devices
  • Cold room shelves
  • PVC strip curtains
  • Humidification systems

Cold Storage Cost Per Ton

Cold storage prices are significantly affected by the dimensions of the warehouse. Cold storages are completely sized according to the needs of companies or individuals. For this reason, a cold storage can be 10 square meters or 50 square meters… As the dimensions increase, the cost increases. The same is true for cooling capacity.

How to calculate the cost of cold storage? As we mentioned before, the cost of a warehouse varies according to your needs. Because the storage capacity is also affected by these needs. For cost-effective solutions, you should meet your cooling system needs with the most economical systems operating at the highest performance values.

You can meet your cold storage needs in the most effective way with the systems produced by Teknotek Cooling. You can also benefit from consultancy services to purchase the most suitable systems for your projects or needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Cold Storage?

With the year 2023, increasing costs have led to an increase in cold storage prices. These places are also known as cold air rooms. Cold storage construction is not a difficult process, but it also requires some detailed work.

Factors such as where the warehouse will be installed and what capacity of cooling will be needed should be clarified in advance. Details such as cooling capacity vary depending on which products are planned to be cooled. In a cold store, products such as the following can be preserved.

  • Foodstuffs such as fruit and vegetables
  • Medical supplies such as vaccines and medicines
  • Other products to be frozen

How to build a cold storage? First of all, the needs are clarified. A warehouse of a suitable size for the products planned to be stored is arranged or built. Systems operating at the desired cooling values are purchased or, if available, products in stock are used. You can contact us to get up-to-date information about cold room prices or cooling system prices or to get support for your project.