Cold Storage Panels for Sale are produced with eccentric locking system. Thanks to this system, assembly and disassembly can be done easily. Cold Storage Panels can be produced in 114 cm width and in desired dimensions up to 1200 cm.

Cold Storage Panelsfor sale, a mandatory element is provided for the cooling systems desired to be installed. Before we talk about cold air panels, which are indispensable parts of a cooling system to be used indoors, let’s talk about cooling systems.

Cold Air Systems

The cooling process used for the products to be stored in a healthy way for much longer periods than in the open air without causing deterioration in their chemical structures;

  • Longer freshness of foodstuffs
  • Protection against two important factors such as heat and humidity
  • Stabilization of temperature and humidity
  • Prevention of microorganism formation

carried out in order to fulfill important obligations such as Especially the enzymes in the structure of the products are exposed to air, unsuitable temperature and variable humidity, etc. Deterioration by chemical reaction due to factors triggers microorganism growth. These and similar negativities in the products create a sectoral disruption for both the producer and the consumer . Cooling systems are also in place to completely prevent such negativities.

Insulated Cold Storage Panels For Sale

Considering the comprehensive technical features of thermal insulation and durability, it is the most important part of the cooling system, which will also save energy that may be spent on cooling the warehouse.
In addition, cold air panels must carry each determined standard separately on the basis of unique qualities in order to obtain optimum efficiency under storage conditions. These;

  • Polyurethane support (polyurethane filled parts: for insulation)
  • Calibration in part panels (thickness or insulation density)
  • Panel outer surfaces
  • Documents owned by the panel manufacturer (ISO 9001) and panels (TSE)

is possible to specify as.

Pricing in Cold Storage Panels

All these are the standard features that the parts, namely panels, to be used in the establishment of the space where the cooling system will be organized, to create an environment free from external factors. Considering the working principles of cooling systems, it becomes essential to minimize the energy needs that must be met. Therefore, the insulation quality of the panels and the production material are the most important factors affecting the situation in providing savings. This leads to differences in the production costs of the panels.

Cold Storage Panels for Sale