Cold storage project is created for companies, businesses or individual users to preserve agricultural, marine, meat or dairy products. Cold storages ensure the preservation of nutrients, various medicines, vaccines and medical supplies.

The example of a cold storage project can give businesses an idea in the pre-project period. However, projects are specific to the business or company. Because which materials will be cooled and stored and their capacity are of different values for each enterprise. In addition, the space/place facilities of these enterprises may also be different from each other. The cold storage architectural project is made by considering all these criteria.

Onion Cold Storage Project

Where is cold storage built? Since cold storages are artificial productions, there is no specific location or region requirement. However, it would be a wise choice for these warehouses to be close to production factories or various facilities. So what is cold storage for? The warehouses, which have benefits such as extending the life of products and preventing the deterioration of medical materials such as vaccines, operate under special temperature and humidity conditions. So how to calculate cold storage?

A business or person who wants to build a cold storage warehouse must first put forward the plan of the project. For the physical design of the project, support can be obtained from an architect or experienced people in the sector. The warehouse plan should be made taking into account the type, estimated quantity and storage period of the product planned to be stored. The cooling values that will be needed for preservation are also an important consideration. The technical details of cold storages are also determined accordingly.

Fruits and vegetables are among the important food groups that can be stored in cold storage. The use of cold storage is very functional to maintain freshness and prolong the deterioration period in these product groups. Fruits can preserve their flavor by being stored at appropriate temperature values before being put on the market.

Cold Storage Project

Cold Storage Installation

We have already mentioned the importance of project design in the installation of cold storage. While creating project details, stages such as the construction and installation of the warehouse should also be taken into account. After the cold storage is built, all necessary equipment, especially cooling systems, are installed inside.

This includes coolers, air humidifiers, various circulation and conveyor systems. Warehouses generally need regular maintenance. In this way, they last longer and can operate in a healthier way. Technical support is also important to prevent possible malfunctions.

Teknotek Cooling, which delivers its systems all over the country, meets the needs of its customers on time with its technical support and spare parts services. Energy efficiency is also an extremely important issue when it comes to a cold storage. Cold storages are structures that can consume high levels of energy. Efficiency can be maximized through measures such as improving insulation and using appropriate cold storage doors.

How Much Does Cold Storage Cost?

All details should be taken into account when calculating the cost of cold storage. If the area where the cooling and humidification systems will be placed is ready, only device costs should be taken into account. However, if the place where the systems will be installed is not ready, a cost calculation should be made for both the physical structure and the devices.

Cold Storage Project