Cold Storage Room Operation Principles

Cold storage room operation principles are based on circulation of cold air in insulated rooms. In cold storage rooms, it is ensured that the temperature is sustained and circulated.

Cold storage room operation principles are to ensure that products are stored safely and hygienically. Cold storage rooms constitute one of the most essential elements of food supply chain. Today, we have access to food that comes from the other end of the world, we can freshly consume products that perish easily. Cold storage rooms are used to sustain food supply chain and to prevent damage on products.

What are Cold Storage Room Operation Principles?

There are many factors to be taken into consideration while designing a cold storage room project. It is essential that the artificial weathering is sustained, and airtight equipment is used to prevent temperature changes. Unit coolers of cold storage rooms must reach the entire area.

Cold storage working principles are based on cooling the rooms by transferring heat from high temperature to low temperature. Through an artificial air flow, the warm air is condensed using a condenser.

Cold Storage Panels

Designing Cold Storage Room Projects and Using Cold Storage Rooms

Cold storage rooms must be designed, installed and used in accordance with certain criteria.

  • The ideal temperature for the stored goods must be defined. Overcooling may result in product loss.
  • The total amount of products to be stored must be defined.
  • Humidification systems and unit coolers to be installed in cold storage rooms must be sufficient.
  • Air circulation in the cold storage room must be designed as a project.
  • Cold room doors, cold room panels and cold room shelving must be used to ensure that the equipment in the room do absorb or preserve heat.
  • The temperature in the cold storage room must be monitored constantly and an intervention may be required in case of a temperature change.
  • Relevant instructions, warnings and signboards must be placed in the cold storage room to ensure work safety.
  • Workers must be dressed in accordance with the temperature.

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Cold Storage Room Operation Principles