Cold storage service offers technical service for warehouses that malfunction or need spare parts. Cold storages are basically areas where cooling systems and various insulation materials are used.

Thanks to the cold storage service, you can benefit from technical support service whether your products are guaranteed or not. Thus, you can continue your business with more affordable costs without the need to purchase a new product. Cold storages; It is used for the storage of foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables, medical materials such as vaccines or many other products that need to be cooled.

Cold Storage Service

Cold Storage Services

Personal or industrial cooling systems cool the products in the room by keeping them at the desired temperature values. What is a cold storage? Products stored in these warehouses can be stored without spoiling. The room temperature is at a suitable value where many microorganisms can live and reproduce. For this reason, cold storage is used to prevent undesirable situations such as spoilage or mold.

What does a cold storage do? The fixtures of cold storages are cooling systems. In addition, various insulation materials and humidification devices are also located in these rooms. In case of deterioration or malfunction of the systems in the warehouses, the need for technical service support arises. Teknotek Cooling is a center where many cooling systems are produced and distributed all over the country. It also offers technical service for these products.

Cold Storage Cost

How much does cold storage cost? The cost of these warehouses is highly influenced by several factors. One of them is the size of the warehouses and the other is the operating value of the cooling devices. In addition, a space will be needed for the warehouse. If there is no space available, it will need to be built.

In addition to temperature values, the stored products also require certain humidity values. In addition, thanks to various insulation products, warehouses fully fulfill their functions. Teknotek Cooling can provide these materials easily thanks to its rich product range. You can find these products in the list below.

  • Cold Storage Panels
  • Cold Storage Doors
  • Tekno Cold Cooling Devices
  • Cold Room Shelves
  • PVC Strip Curtains
  • Humidification Systems

Technical service is available for all our product groups. The products you choose are sent quickly wherever you are in the country. So how much is the cold storage? The model of cooling devices that you can use in warehouses may have different technical features. Therefore, prices may vary. You can contact us to get information about cold storage rental service and current prices.

Cold Storage Service