Components of cooling system are used in almost every technological device we use today. In order to use the devices for much a longer time, you need to have information about how these products work.

All technological devices working with the engine consist of components of cooling system. These systems have same basic elements but  various differences according to usage. So, which elements are used in the cooling systems you use in your home and why?

What Are The Components Of The Cooling System?

Cooling system are called the devices that clean the air of the environment  and works together in a certain area. The main purposes of cooling systems are to keep the environment temperature at ideal levels and to ventilate the environment. While cooling systems consist of many different elements, we can list the most important parts under a few titles.

What Is The Role Of Cooler Compressors?

Cooler compressor: It is the unit generally responsible for the cooling cycle. It circulates the cold air inside the cooling device. There are different types depending on which cooling compressors are used. These are briefly examined in 5 main groups as reciprocating compressor, rotary compressor, snail compressor, screw compressor and centrifugal compressor. The working principle and usage areas of each type of compressor are different. Therefore, the appropriate compressor selection should be made depending on where the cooler will be used.

Misting And Humidification Systems

Evaporator: It is the section of cooling where the fluid used in the system evaporates and leaves as gas. Evaporators are widely used in refrigerators, freezers and various cooling devices. At the same time, plate evaporators are used in ships and trucks in cooling systems that do not  deteriorate frozen products in international transportation.

Condenser: It is the section where the fluid enters as gas. The fluid entering the condenser as a gas condenses again by giving its heat to the external environment. As it can be used in the outer part of cooling systems, condensers are also placed hidden between insulation materials. By increasing the number of bends in the straight pipes of the condenser, the gas can be switched to supercooled liquid.

Cooling Fluid: It is the type of fluid that provides heat transfer during the cooling process. The basic working principle of cooling fluid is to take the heat of that substance for equalizing its temperature with the substance it interacts with. The cooling process takes place as the temperature of the material decreases during these processes. In coolers, the fluid is constantly in circulation in the device, so the cooling process occurs continuously.

Components of Cooling System