Cooling Units

Teknotek Cold Storage Rooms

Cooling units are our complementary systems specially designed for cold storage standards. It is produced by Teknotek Cooling Systems with its smart design and latest technology systems. Our systems are manufactured under the name Tekno Cold Cooling Devices.

Cooling Units are produced in two different ways as monobloc and split type. However, all of our devices are environmentally friendly, with microprocessor digital control and automatic defrost. With its efficient and high-performance systems, Split Cooling and Monobloc Cooling Units are at your service at the most affordable prices.

Split Cooling Units are mainly used as cooling systems for large areas such as factories. On the contrary, Monobloc Cooling Unit is the cooling system in smaller diameter areas such as cold stores. These features are highly attracted and preferred by our customers. You can contact us without waiting anymore and benefit from our services at the most reasonable prices.

Industrial Cooling Units

Industrial Cooling Units are high-tech devices that can be installed easily in a short time in modular cold storage and industrial cold storage. Industrial Cooling Systems  have the certifivations of ISO 9001, TUV and CE and Tekno Cold Warehouse Cooling is a leading brand in Europe and worldwide. These systems, which are an indispensable part of the Cold Storage Warehouse, operate smoothly for many years with their high quality and standards. In today’s difficult conditions, it consumes less electricity by means of energy efficiency and thus reduces operating costs.

Warehouse Cooling Systems are divided into two parts;
Industrial Series Split

Chiller Cooling Systems

Warehouse Cooling Systems can be optionally designed depending on their application areas and standards. The air permeability has been reduced to zero with its durable structure which is resistant to the adverse circumstances of the outdoor environment.

Do you want to get more information about cooling units? We continue to make a difference in the sector with the prices of Split Cooling Devices and Industrial Cooling Devices.

Cooling Systems Prices

Cooling System Prices are one of the most curious issues by our customers. You can contact us right now and get the best prices and benefits. You can get more detailed information about Cooling Unit Prices.

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