Would you like to benefit from Teknotek Cooling Systems, which we offer at the most affordable prices in the production processes of the factories and in the post-production process for the needs of Factory Cooling Systems? We produce professional cooling solutions for high volume areas.

In the field of Factory Cooling Systems, we focus on the industry requirements of the factory, thanks to our air and water cooled systems. At this stage, we determine the most suitable cooling systems for you according to the production conditions and needs, and we go through the process with you. We also provide service with our expert team for all your after-sales technical needs.

What is Factory Cooling Systems?

Providing the necessary air circulation for existing indoor production houses and businesses is possible with a good cooling system. It evaluates and defines all of the compact mechanisms that provide the air conditioning effect and air cooling system needed in large-scale work areas of factories within the Factory Cooling System category.

Why are Factory Cooling Systems Necessary?

Factory Cooling Systems are of great importance both to make quality production and to protect the health of employees. Limited air circulation, hot machinery and buildings that keep the heat inside create an uncomfortable, unhealthy and suffocating environment for factory workers.

With the occurrence of these situations , there is a decrease in the productivity that should be taken due to the low performance and motivation in the workplaces. Increasing your work efficiency and both the safety and happiness of your employees is directly proportional to providing service with the right equipment.

You can contact our customer service in order to both achieve an efficient operation in production centers and to provide optimum conditions by using cooling systems under the right conditions.

Factory Cooling Systems should always work at the same performance and give the same efficiency. Performance continuity is one of the most important factors in terms of occupational safety and economic efficiency. Thanks to our products and systems we have prepared for you, you will have complete control.

Evaporative Cooling System

Among the Factory Cooling Systems, the evaporative cooling option is among the most preferred options by our customers. The direct evaporative cooling option is a highly effective system for cooling industrial workspaces. These systems regulate the heat values in the working environment to provide optimum comfort for higher efficiency and personnel motivation.

Evaporative coolers offer effective solutions for you by providing continuous circulation of clean cold air with an operating cost of only 10-20% of conventional air-conditioned ventilation.

Evaporative cooling process occurs whenever hot air comes into contact with the water in the systems. While the water in contact with the hot air evaporates, it absorbs the heat of the air and makes the temperature the most suitable for the employees and the ambient conditions.

As a result of the warming of the weather and the increase in climatic factors, the need for Factory Cooling Systems and its advantages has increased considerably. If you want to benefit from these systems that are both environmentally friendly and provide high efficiency, all you have to do is contact us. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, we continue to satisfy our customers and grow with our products and the areas in which we operate. In addition, it is possible to be aware of campaigns and opportunities by following our social media accounts.

Why Should You Prefer Teknotek Cooling Systems?

It is possible to encounter different techniques and models on the basis of mechanisms and systems in cooling, cooling and air conditioning methods. Expert opinion is needed at this stage where preference will be given to factories.

As Teknotek Refrigeration, we work with a full staff and determine the most suitable system for you in line with expert reports. In addition to the discovery studies, we follow our technical support without interruption during the installation and use of the detected system.

We design projects by prioritizing customer satisfaction in terms of both cost and usage, including the evaporative cooling system. Considering the feedback from our reference companies, we work diligently on the use of the most up-to-date technology for each company we work with during the installation process and share our data with you.

You can contact our customer service in order to both achieve an efficient operation in production centers and to provide optimum conditions by using cooling systems under the right conditions.

You can combine your ideas that you need and designed in your factories, as well as the directions to be made by our expert staff. For every detail you want and wonder about Factory Cooling Systems, especially our Ankara, Istanbul and Mersin branches; You can always reach us by calling +90 312 395 21 29/39.

Factory Cooling Systems