Fog machine and humidifier are generally used for reducing costs and increasing durability the products in greenhouses, food warehouses, various laboratories and warehouses for tobacco products. By using these devices, production and storage costs can be reduced as well as the waste rate of products waiting in the warehouse.

Through fog machine and humidifier, you can keep the humidity level of the environment at the desired levels and ensure that the products you store stay fresh for much longer. In addition, by using humidifiers in greenhouses, you can produce high quality vegetables and fruits at much lower costs.

What Are The Advantages Of Fog Machine and Humidifier?

Humidifier is a device that is generally used to keep the humidity level of the environment at desired levels. For this reason, humidifier is one of the indispensable products of greenhouses and similar environments in warehouses and factories.

If the products produced by your company must not be dusted, you can use fog machine and humidifier and store the products for many years without dusting. In addition to preserving the freshness of the products stored in the storages, problems such as drying and loss of weight in dry legumes and similar products due to aging are also solved with humidification systems.

Humidification systems not only help maintain the quality standards of the products produced by your company, but also help create a healthy air for the staff. While the humidity level of the environment is regulated by the device, dust and similar particles in the air are removed from the environment. Thus, a healthier environment is prepared for the employees.

In Which Areas Are Fog Machine And Humidifier Used?

The fogger and humidifier are generally used in businesses where intermediate products or end products need to remain at a certain moisture level. In cases where the stored products need to be at a constant humidity level, you can keep the products in the desired conditions for a long time with the humidification systems you will use in your warehouse.

In textile and similar sectors, besides end products, a humid environment is needed during the processing of textile products. Dry processing of textile products increases deformity and causes processing to be more difficult. For this reason, before the processing, all products used by textile companies are brought to the desired moisture level by being kept in an environment where a humidifier is used.

Fog Machine and Humidifier