Freezing Room is one of our most important cooling systems in terms of long-term storage of a product and its preservation in a cold environment. The preservation life of a food in cold environments starts from the moment it enters the freezing area.

Freezing Room? Why is shocking done? It is the room that quickly freezes the product to be protected and prevents events such as its deterioration and decay. The purpose of rapid freezing is to take precautions before bacterial growth begins. Heat drawn below -25° C causes many bacteria to disappear naturally. After this process, the temperature can be increased to a range of 18 to 25°C.

Shocking Room Prices

The sooner a product is cooled and reaches storage temperature, the longer and healthier it can be preserved. In order to provide the necessary conditions, rapid cooling devices should be applied, not storage tanks. The reason for this can be explained as follows. The enclosure devices do not receive the heat from the outside, but try to preserve the heat inside. Shock devices, on the other hand, aim to cool the food as quickly as possible.

shock occur? The shocking process causes the product to freeze towards the core, starting from the outer periphery, by passing cold air (-35° C – 40° C) over the product at high speed (5 m/s). This should be done as quickly as possible. Depending on the product, attention should be paid to the maximum times in terms of food safety . Factors such as product thickness and air flow rate affect the freezing time.

So what are the prices? Prices are affected by some parameters such as technical and physical features of the room. You can contact us for up-to-date information on this subject.

Freezing Room

Shock Chamber Properties (-40° C)

  • The shock cabinet or chamber has semi-hermetic or screw compressor and air-cooled condenser .
  • The shocking device has a remote control panel.
  • It is cassetteed to be resistant to external weather conditions.
  • Indoor and outdoor units are delivered with nitrogen charge.
  • is shipped ready for installation together with the electrical panel and all automatic control elements .
  • It has an electrostatic painted steel galvanized cabinet.
  • High efficiency evaporator design is made in accordance with the capacity.
  • There is a choice of floor type or ceiling type evaporator depending on the need.

So how is fish and meat shocking done ? Also “ How to freeze ice cream and freeze fruit ?” The answer to this question is often sought after. In terms of food safety, the products to be stored for a long time should be shocked down to the core temperature of -18°C and then taken to the frozen storage room.

It is necessary to establish the right system by bringing together factors such as the type and amount of the product to be shocked, the product inlet and outlet temperatures, the determination of the freezing time, geographical region. As Teknotek Cooling Systems , we also have solutions, some of which can be listed as follows.

  • Cold storage
  • Cold room
  • Insulated cooler panels
  • Warehouse cooling and racking systems
Freezing Room