Greenhouse humidification systems are used to keep the humidity level of the environment in balance in order to protect the plants that are desired to be grown in greenhouses from high temperatures in summer. In summer, greenhouse humidity decreases and waste rates increase.

greenhouse humidification systems work? A greenhouse humidification system sprays water particles smaller than 10 μm into the air with high pressure . The high pressure turns the water droplets into gas and gives moisture to the air without wetting the plants. It can reduce the temperature up to 15 degrees. The humidification system usage setting is carefully calculated according to the size of the greenhouse, the type of plant and the climate value of the region.

Greenhouse Humidifier

Why are Greenhouse Humidification Systems Important?

Air humidity plays an important role in adjusting the ecological balance in the greenhouse. The amount of evaporated water in the air directly affects the air temperature. Humidity also varies according to the temperature during the day. When the air temperature is high, the humidity decreases, and this rate increases at night and in the morning. The optimum humidity for natural plant growth is in the range of 60-80% in most scenarios. In greenhouses, this range should be at the level of 70-75 % .

How to make humidity in the greenhouse? As the greenhouse humidity decreases, the plant closes its stoma and stops water consumption. This means that the nutrition and growth of the plant stops. When water loss is excessive, the plant wilts. In order not to adversely affect the growth of the plant, necessary greenhouse fogging systems should be installed and air flow should be provided.

What is greenhouse fogging system? Due to the foggy appearance that occurs during the humidification process, these systems are also called fogging systems. There is a continuous flow of steam from the plant to the air, and the plant’s water exchange is kept in balance. Thus, the possibility of negative situations such as fading and wastage is greatly reduced.

How to Humidify the Greenhouse?

Greenhouse air conditioning systems are required to provide the most ideal conditions for the plant. What are the advantages of using a greenhouse humidifier ?

  • The natural environment needed by the plant is provided.
  • It does not leave water drops on the leaves and flowers of the plants by spraying the water into the air in the form of micro particles.
  • It keeps the fluctuation in the humidity rate, which develops depending on the air change during the day, constant.
  • It allows to control the temperature inside the greenhouse.

greenhouse humidification device , you can get the highest efficiency from your plants. You can adjust the humidity rate according to the plant you will grow. Humidification systems can provide humidity conditions between 25 % and 95%. You can contact us to get more information about the greenhouse and mushroom humidification systems we produce and to forward your purchase requests.

Greenhouse Humidifier