Humidification for Tobacco Production

Humidification for tobacco production is a system that prevents product in tobacco production plants because of climatic conditions. During the production of tobacco products, moisture control is one of the most important factors.

 Humidification for tobacco production is used at every stage of tobacco production. Tobacco products are highly affected by the weather conditions in the environment. They are affected very quickly by the temperature conditions in their environment. This brings product loss and more cost. In order to prevent product loss, the humidity level in the environment must be kept under constant control.

Why Use Humidification for Tobacco Production?

Tobacco leaves, harvested tobacco, and papers are hygroscopic products. Depending on the ambient temperature, the moisture levels in the products may vary. If the temperature is very high, the products lose and dry out. Dried tobacco loses weight so its quality decreases. This leads the product to be wasted. Tobacco papers and filters are also products that are impacted by the humidity level. They can dry if the humidity level is too low, or  get wet and soft if it is too high. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the humidity level of the products by using humidification for tobacco production at every stage from harvest to final packaging during tobacco production.

What Should Be The Tobacco Moisture Content?

Tobacco products require different levels of moisture at each stage of production. In the first area where the product comes to the production site, the humidity should be between 85-88%. This allows the newly harvested crops to retain their aroma. The next stage of the products is pruning. At this stage, 70-75% relative humidity is provided to maintain the moisture level of the products. Pruned products are transported to the processing plant. At this stage, the humidity level should be between 60-68%. The products take their last flavor and become ready for production. During the storage and boxing stage, the moisture level should be between 60% and 70%. Different humidification systems must be installed in each production area.

What are the Benefits of Humidification for Tobacco Production?

  • Controlling humidity level in production plant rises production efficiency.
  • It prevents the products from drying out and decreasing their quality.
  • It prevents loss of weight
  • It reduces consumption costs

Thanks to its oscillator system, Teknotek Humidification Systems spray water particles smaller than 10 μm into the air and  create a balanced humidity area. It provides the moisture balance between  25% and 95% and reduces costs on your production line. You can contact us for more information about humidification systems.

Humidification For Tobacco Production