Humidificaton System For Offset Printing

Humidification system for offset printing is a system that is required at all stages of the paper and printing industry in order to get the highest efficiency in product quality. Moisture balance directly has an effect on many factors such as quality and structure of paper and the efficiency of the machines.

The humidity level of the print production area should be checked continuously and reliably. Even a 10% change in relative humidity level within the printing house impacts the dimensional values, fragility and final quality of the paper. Regardless of inkjet, offset or laser printing, it is very important to maintain and control the moisture value in all types of printing. Humidification system for offset printing should be used to control and maintain the humidity level.

Why to Use Humidification System for Offset Printing?

Paper is a hygroscopic material that mainly consists of cellulose. In other words, it can absorb and give moisture according to the environment it is in. The workability and quality of the paper directly depend on maintaining the moisture level ranging from 5% to 8% in the paper. In environments where humidity level is not controlled and there is no humidification system, paper will be badly affected in terms of paper properties since it is in direct and prolonged contact with the air.

The relative humidity in the printing house can affect the size of the paper by 0.1-0.2. Any change in the standard dimensions of the paper leads to jams in the printing press. This situation may cause malfunction in the printing machine or disrupt the production speed by stopping the machine. Also, changes in paper size can cause the ink to be sprayed incorrectly, resulting in quality defects and increased costs. Humidification system for offset printing maintain paper at the best conditions by keeping the air humidity constant.

What is the Importance of Humidification System in the Printing House?

If the humidity level is too high in the printing house where humidification system is not used, it may cause the following problems;

  • Paper edges can curl due to high humidity level. This creates jams in the machines.
  • Wrinkles may occur on the paper.
  • Papers can stick together.
  • Alignment error may occur in printing because of a change in paper size.
  • It may cause the colors not to appear in the desired tone. The print may appear lighter or colorless.

If the humidity level are extremely low in printing house with no printing humidification system, the following problems can be seen:

  • Paper jams may occur due to static electricity.
  • The papers dry out and become stiff.
  • Static electrification impacts the stickiness and application of the ink.
  • Dried papers harden and become more brittle, resulting in wrinkles or jams.
  • It may cause poor quality in digital printing.

Considering all these results, using humidification system in printing house will provide you with favorable and higher quality results.

What Should Be The Humidity Level Of The Printing House?

 The moisture content of offset printing may vary depending on the type of printing used and the temperature of the environment. It is important to use an automatic fogging machine to maintain this variability. In digital printing, humidity affects toner quality and paper properties, while in offset printing it affects the combination of ink with paper. In inkjet printing, the humidity can cause the ink to dry and disperse late, as well as the other effects. It is important to use a humidifier in all printing methods.

  • The recommended paper humidity rate for laser printing is 4.5%.
  • For digital prints, the paper is recommended to be 5% moist.
  • Paper moisture content of 5.5% is recommended for offset printing.

By using humidification system for the printing room, you can ensure that your papers keep the optimum moisture content, the ink passes the paper better and your machines work more efficiently. Teknotek humidification systems help you automatically balance the humidity level you need in your printing rooms. Contact us if you want to get better quality and favorable results in your printing house.

Humidification System for Offset Printing