Humidifier for museum is used to keep the exhibits in the best conditions. Controlling the climatic conditions of the museums is of great importance for the protection of artworks. A damage to works of art due to wrong climatic conditions means that our common human heritage is damaged.

Humidifier for museum is utilized to monitor and control climatic conditions in places where artworks are located. Some museums exhibits the most important works of human history that defy centuries.

What is Humidifier for Museum?

Artworks consist of materials that can be affected by weather conditions and thus corroded. Materials such as canvas, wood, paper, parchment are directly impacted by the humidity level. These are hygroscopic materials that can absorb and dispense water. They shrink as they lose water or grow as they draw in water. Changing the dimensions of an canvas may lead paint to be peeled off or canvas to be cracked. Likewise, it can cause wooden items to be cracked and peeled. Excessive humidity can cause the artworks to become moldy, soft and fade. In order to prevent these unwanted situations, a humidifier for museum should be used to ensure a regular climate.

What Should Be Temperature&Humidity Level in Museum?

The climatic condition to be created in museums is determined depended on the work to be exhibited. The ideal humidity level is different for each artwork as they are made of different materials . In addition, factors such as the age of the work and the materials used also change the moisture need of an artwork. However, the generally accepted level of humidity is between 40% and 50%. These values ​​can be varied according to the exhibited work. By using automatic humidifier, it is possible to let the materials to breathe by changing the humidity level of 2- 3% within 24 hour periods.

The temperature level in museums varies depending on the work to be stored. The relative humidity is impacted by the number of people in the environment, the outside temperature and the temperature created by the museum lighting. Therefore, the temperature of the museum must be fixed using cooling systems in a way that does not affect humidity. Generally, the temperature in museums is between 18 and 20 degrees.

What is the Importance of Humidifier For Museum?

  • It is used to keep the colors of the works from fading.
  • To prevent corrosion and damage in works.
  • Excessive moisture level triggers bacterial and fungal growth in the artworks, so cause mold growth.
  • Too low humidity may lead artworks dry or to be cracked.
  • To keep the fragility of products to a minimum

Teknotek humidification systems can provide a humidity level between 25% and 95% by blowing water particles smaller than 10 μm into the air. You can contact us to get more information about humidification systems.

Humidifier for museum