Humidifier for paint booth plays a very significant role in painting processes with the materials such as water-based paints, powder coatings and high-density paints. If the correct moisture level is not maintained,  it may result in poor paint retention and extra processing ,so as a result, higher costs.

The humidity in the paint booth directly affects the quality of the painting process. During the painting process, a paint booth humidifier should be used so that the paint does not crack or bubbles. In addition, humidification devices have a great effect in terms of air conditioning of paint booths.

Why Use A Humidifier for Spray Booth?

Industrial paints are chemicals that have a wide range of uses and are applied in several layers. Traditional solvent-based paints have been replaced by new types of paint because of the new preferences that are the reduction of environmental pollution, better quality and the emergence of new application techniques . These new types of paint are given as follows:

  • Water based paints,
  • Powder Coatings,
  • High solids paints.

These types of paint can be affected by the ambient conditions in which they are applied and allowed to dry. Especially the humidity level in the application area has importance so humidifier for paint booth should be used in places where these paints will be applied.

Why Is A Humidifier for Paint Spray Booth Important?

Industrial paints are affected by the temperature and humidity balance in the environment where they are applied.

WaterBased Paints and Moisture Balance

Water-based paints have almost completely replaced organic paints and use the water capacity inside. However, the water in it evaporates much more slowly than organic paints. During the evaporation, ambient temperature and relative humidity have direct effects, so fogging machine must be used.

The degree of evaporation is impacted by the water particles in the paint and the humidity level of the environment. Too high moisture level may cause the water inside the water-based paint to flow, while low humidity level may cause the paint to dry too quickly, to lose its fluidity, and to crack. Automatic humidifiers keep the humidity level in the environment constant and ensure the application of water-based paint in the best conditions.

Powder Coating Paints and Moisture Balance

Powder coating paints are the types of paint made from organic raw materials, unlike liquid paints. It is mostly used as a protective coating on metals. During the application of powder coating paints, environmental factors such as moisture level should be adjusted very carefully. Powder paints are applied with spray systems that create electrostatic fields. Powder paint sticks to the surface with electrostatic effect. In order to keep this electrostatic process flawless, a humidifier must be installed. Low humidity level also affects the electrostatic charge of the paint and may prevent the paint from penetrating to the surface. On the other hand, high humidity level may reduce electrostatic charge and prevent paint from adhering and cause defects on the surface.

The ideal humidity level for powder coating booths should be between 45% and 60%. The automatic humidifier is able to keep the humidity level of the environment in which it is used constant.

High Solids Paints

High solids paints are paints that consist of one or two components. In the case of the failure to adjust the humidity level correctly in the environment where high-solids paints are applied, application and drying time may extend. This results in different drying times and quality differences of the products in mass production lines.

Advantages of Paint Booth Humidifiers

There are many advantages of using humidification systems in paint booths.

  • It provides less static accumulation and less dust adhering to the surface to be painted.
  • Early or late drying is prevented.
  • The ideal environment for electrostatic painting is provided.
  • The reduction in costs and workload is provided.
  • It prevents blistering on the painted surface.

Teknotek humidifiers can adjust the humidity level between 25% and 95% and keep it constant. It can monitor and control via the electrical control unit. If you have a production line that requires a humidifier, you can contact us.

Humidifier for Paint Booth