Laboratory humidifier is a system used to balance the temperature level in sterile rooms  and laboratories where scientific researches are done. The temperature balance of laboratories is very important for research results and employee health.

Laboratory humidifier is of great importance for scientific research to give accurate results. Each year, more than 7 billion lab tests are performed. With the COVID-19 outbreak, laboratory use has increased considerably. In order for the tests performed in the laboratories to give correct results, the laboratory environment must be very well adjusted. The balance of temperature and humidity have a big role in the ideal laboratory environment.

What is Laboratory Humidifier?

Laboratory research is one of the most important processes for proving scientific developments. A laboratory test is an indicator of whether a scientific research works or not. In order to understand scientific researches follow the right path, laboratory tests must give the most accurate results. In order to get the most accurate results, the ideal laboratory environment must be provided.

The humidity level and temperature balance in the laboratory must be ensured to have the ideal laboratory environment. Failure to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity level may result in the contamination or incorrect reporting of results. Therefore, humidification systems should be used in laboratories.

What is the Ideal Humidity Level for Laboratory and Sterile Room?

There are many organizations researching the ideal temperature and humidity balance in laboratories. These investigations publish laboratory guidelines about lab rules and how samples are not contaminated. According to these publications, the ideal temperature that should be in laboratories varies between 20 and 25 degrees. The moisture level can be between 30% and 50% depending on the samples and researches used in the laboratory. This is the general standards, so they may differ depending on the intended use of the laboratories.

What Is The Importance of Laboratory Humidifier?

The biggest fear in the lab is that experimental samples are being contaminated. Failure to stabilize the temperature level and humidity will lead to bacteria production in the laboratory. Uncontrolled growth of bacteria in samples, test tubes, and other equipment can waste samples, so resulting in incorrect results.

Another significance of using a laboratory humidifier is the health of laboratory workers. Providing moisture balance in laboratories enables employees to work in a healthier environment.

How to Balance Moisture in Laboratory?

There are several key steps to achieving ideal moisture balance in laboratories:

  • The humidity level in the laboratory should be determined depednding on the research and samples to be used.
  • The temperature level of the equipment to be used and their adaptation to the laboratory temperature are calculated.
  • The temperature level needs to be constantly monitored. The procedures to be followed should be determined according to a sudden temperature change that may occur.
  • Humidity should be continuously monitored using an automatic humidifier.

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Laboratory Humidifier