Mushroom humidification systems provide the necessary ambient humidity and temperature for the healthy growth of fungi. Mushrooms can be damaged if a suitable environment is not provided. These creatures are known for their love of humidity and water.

What are mushroom humidification systems ? They are devices that keep various values at the level that mushrooms like by doing the humidification process in mushroom houses. Our company, which is highly experienced in the production of cooling and humidification systems , produces systems that work with high efficiency. It is important that these systems work correctly so that the mushroom groups can maintain their freshness and vitality.

Industrial Humidification Devices
Industrial Humidification Devices
Industrial Humidification Devices

Mushroom Humidification Systems Prices

The areas where mushrooms are grown and stored before being presented to consumers are called mushroom houses . Humidification systems used in mushroom houses meet the humidity required by these creatures. Mushrooms lose a lot of water as they grow. The water they lose is met by the humidification system.

  • warm humidification
  • Spraying and disinfection

Operations can be carried out with a humidification system. In other words, the system has different functions besides humidification. So , what other advantages do Teknotek production systems have?

  • It works with low power consumption.
  • It has high performance values.
  • It increases the efficiency of the products.
  • Thanks to the timing system, it can work automatically even when you are not in the mushroom shop.
  • It can work in confined spaces.
  • It consumes little water.
  • It is nature friendly and does not harm the environment.

The system can reduce the temperature of the mushroom room rooms up to 15 degrees. The products are in no way affected by temperature and humidity, even in the scorching heat of summer. The system is highly preferred by mushroom growers because it consumes less water and saves energy. You can contact us to get up-to-date information about mushroom air conditioning systems prices .

How Is Mushroom Moisturizing Made?

Fungi are living things with a wide variety of species. They range in size from invisible to the human eye to much larger sizes. In general, some of these creatures that reproduce in moist and watery environments have a higher value for us.

Some mushrooms are non-toxic and delicious. By allowing them to reproduce among themselves, more suitable and delicious mushrooms can be produced for consumption as nutrients. Such products are called cultivated mushrooms. In addition, compounds synthesized from some fungi are also used in the production of antibiotics in the pharmaceutical industry.

Professional humidification systems are used in mushroom cultivation. If a mushroom house is considered, these systems should be considered among the indispensable equipment. Mushroom systems keep the humidity between 85% and 95%. Thus, the most ideal growing conditions are provided.

Industrial Humidification Devices

Mushroom Humidification and Fogging Devices

Mushroom humidification system also regulates parameters such as CO², humidity and temperature, if desired. High-pressure pumps spray the water into the nodules, and the nodules break up the water and turn it into mist. After the water particles turn into fog, they are dispersed into the mushroom room with water resistant fans.

Humidity is controlled by the hygrostat unit and the humidity is brought to the desired level. CO² and humidity in different areas of the mushroom house are reflected on a panel and can be controlled in this way. Plug-and-play systems are extremely easy to use. An additional panel, power supply and contactors are used to control the humidification devices.

out with its solutions such as industrial air humidifier and mushroom house heating systems , Teknotek Cooling manufactures devices that operate at high efficiency and performance values. You can contact us for more information or to submit your order requests.

Mushroom Humidification Systems