Cold Room Panels are an indispensable part of the cooling systems in cold storages. Cold storage panels are at the top of the list for the cooling of closed areas. And our product is preferred by many companies today.

Prices of Cold Room Panels vary on the features of the cold storage. Inadequate and inefficient cold systems will result in financial losses. These losses are further increased by incorrect cooling process, incorrect storage of the systems and incorrect configuration of the system. With Teknotek Cooling Systems, you can have economical solutions by preventing financial losses.

Features of Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panels are divided into four groups on their usage areas and functions. The panels are easy to install in the cold storage. Efficient and excellent results are obtained from the heat insulation in terms of durability and technical qualities. Our Cold Storage Panels are produced in accordance with international standards and can be used in various places with compatible systems and dimensions such as in restaurants, patisseries, supermarkets, cold storages, and hospitals. There are basically four types of panels including different functions.

  • Floor Panel for Insulation
  • Wall and Ceiling Panel
  • Roof and Wall Panel
  • Industrial Cold Storage Panel

It covers a width of  1.14 meters and any desired length of up to 12 meters. Its thickness varies between 6 cm and 20 cm. As Cold Room Panels have many usage areas like shock storage, it is manufactured in a customized design to be suitable with your company’s needs. The outer surface of the panels can be made of some materials such as galvanized sheet, stainless chrome nickel sheet and polyester dyed sheet. The panels contains polyurethane filling between two metal sheets. These materials used lead the panel to be easily transported and assembled, in other words to gain prefabrication. Cold Room Panels are produced with an eccentric locking collar, so the balance and durability has been increased up to 100%.

Prices of Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panels are preferred for efficiency, long-term durability and cost control in warehouses Since it can be used in a wide variety of sectors, we produce panels suitable for you, thus supporting you in cost optimization. The use of panels in cold storages attains efficiency in heat insulation. Please contact us to get a price about our Cold Room Panels that can be used in all areas and preferred by many companies.

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