Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems monitor the temperatures and humidity values of various areas such as laboratories, data processing rooms, cold room shelves and transportation vehicles. Via the online tracking system, you can also remotely check and access all historical information.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems follow the temperature and humidity values of the areas where they are located, based on determined time intervals. You can monitor and control from wherever you are without interruption.

General Features

Instant and historical data can be followed online by employees who have technical knowledge in all areas where the system is installed. With this feature, the areas can be controlled from a single point regardless of distance. In addition to the instant warning and notification feature, it has the following features:

  • Historical information
  • General, violation and graphic reports
  • Sending reports via e-mail due to digital integration
  • Warning system of warehouse doors and lids
  • External unit connection and control

When the temperature and humidity value is exceeded or when any specified notification level is reached, systems make warning notifications by SMS, e-mail, phone call or siren entered easily via remote connection and changed in any place existing internet. There is one more warning for cold storage doors or lids to inform whether they are open or closed.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems

External additional units can be installed optionally in the areas where this system is available. Monitoring and control can be performed by entering commands together with the system and these units. This feature is important for activating or deactivating desired additional units in risky areas. Systems are important systems to maintain the quality and efficiency of products. It can easily monitor the temperature and humidity of the areas with many technological supports. Please contact us to get information and price about systems or different solutions suitable for your sector.

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