Temperature Monitoring Systems

Temperature monitoring system controls 7 days 24 hours temperature and humidity values of any kind of stationary or moving places like vaccination rooms, laboratories, data processing rooms, transport transportation vehicles, cold air tanks, as well as additional unit data such as door, water, gas, light, sound. Temperature monitoring system allows you to control and manage online all information that is instantaneous and history-oriented via Gsm/Gprs/Network/wireless/mail/SMS.

Features of Temperature Monitoring Systems

Temperature Monitoring Systems and It’s Control

The temperature and humidity values of all areas in which the temperature monitoring system is installed is monitored and controled, at any time, without interruption or distance problems. Thanks to this feature, it is ensured that the temperature and humidity values of the areas are checked and the related risks are eliminated.

Follow-Up and Monitoring

All areas with the temperature monitoring system is can be controlled and managed online by the related persons. Thanks to this feature, all areas where the system is installed are monitored and controlled from a single location at the same time without any distance problems.

Instant Warning and Informing

The temperature and humidity overflows and other notifications of all the areas with the heat tracing system are reported to the designated persons with warnings such as immediate sms and telephone calls. Thanks to this feature, it is ensured that the relevant units and persons are informed immediately of the improper value so adjustment can be made at the right time of the intervention withoçut taking the risk.

General, Infringement and Graphic Reports

The temperature monitoring system sends detailed reports of temperature and humidity values of all areas in which it is installed. It can be taken in Day / Hour / Minute basis and in desired value ranges.
Thanks to this feature, past processes can be examined in detail, and reports can be used in necessary and relevant places when needed.

Receiving Reports as E-Mail

Reports of heat and humidity values of all areas with temperature monitoring system are sent to the relevant units by e-mail.

Remote Input of Temperature and Humidity Values

Temperature and humidity values can be changed and defined from anywhere where internet is available without distance problem as well as additional unit values, all necessary settings and descriptions of all the environments with installed temperature monitoring system.
Thanks to this feature, it is possible to set new values to the temperature humidity limit values based on climate and ambient conditions without a distance problem when needed.

“On / Off” Warning Feature of Storage Doors and Lids

The temperature monitoring system controls the opening and closing of the doors and lids in all the areas where it is installed. In addition, these opening and closing periods can be monitored and controlled. This feature provides significant information such as  when the relevant environment was entered and how long the doors were left open.

Connecting an External Unit and Control

In all areas with a heat tracing system is installed, external units can be installed if desired. These units can be monitored and controlled by giving commands on the system. Thanks to this feature, it is ensured that a desired additional unit is put into operation or taken out of the circuit at the risk moments.

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