Types of Cooling Systems vary depending on the area where the systems will be applied, seasonal conditions, climatic conditions of the region and the wishes of our customers. Our customers, who need cold storage and cold rooms, especially prefer our systems.

Types of Cooling Systems , in general, cold storage panels, cold storage doors, cold room shelves and so on. includes air conditioning systems. Thanks to our product range, we are in a position to meet all needs. Cooling Systems are of great importance in terms of both quality production and employee health and work efficiency.

Types of Cooling Systems and Their Advantages

air and water cooled systems, we continue to keep up with the industry requirements of cold storage. What are cooling systems and how should they work? These systems should always operate at the same performance and with the same efficiency. The continuity of performance and efficiency can be shown among the most important factors in terms of cost.

What is a condenser ? Condensers, also known as condensers, is a heat exchanger machine generally used in steam power systems and gas cooling systems. What is cooling ? The act of keeping the ambient temperature at the desired level by lowering it can be called cooling. Limited air exchange and high temperatures are among the factors that negatively affect employees both psychologically and physically.

Hot machine parts and buildings that keep the heat inside can cause an uncomfortable, unhealthy and flat environment for factory workers. We determine the cooling systems suitable for your needs and plan the process with you from the moment we start working . If you need more information about the working principle of cooling systems or heating and cooling systems, you can contact us.

How Many Types of Cooling Systems Are There?

Thanks to the products and systems we have designed, we transfer the control to you. What are the types of cooling systems? The two most important parts of cooling systems are cold storage panels and cold storage doors. If full efficiency in terms of thermal insulation is desired, these two basic parts are needed.

Cold Storage Panels

  • Cold store wall and ceiling panels
  • cold storage floor panels
  • Cold store roof and facade panels

Cold Storage Doors

  • Monorail pass sliding door
  • Hinged door with monorail pass
  • Flip – Flap doors

What are industrial cooling systems? It is the general name of systems that ventilate a commercial product or facility. So what are the other cooling methods? In the next stage, we come across factory or warehouse cooling systems.

We can support the thermal insulation we provide with panels and doors with PVC strip curtains and cooling devices. In addition to these, humidification devices, shelf systems, heat tracking system are among the important components. You can also contact us to learn about your needs and to benefit from the services we offer.

Types of Cooling Systems