What is cold storage? It is a method used to preserve foodstuffs, various medical or chemical materials for long periods without spoiling . Cold storage areas are usually made of polyurethane foam filled panels. Cooling devices consist of units called evaporator and condenser.

What is cold storage ? what does it do? Cold storage or cold rooms ensure that the materials to be stored are kept at certain temperature values. Thanks to the mobile cold room or cabinets, the products can be kept at the desired cold even while being transported. Substances such as food or medicine must be kept cold in all processes from the manufacturing stage to the shipment and display stage. Applications carried out for this purpose are known as cold chain .

What is Cold Storage and What Does It Do?

What is cold storage? Food products and some industrial products undergo metamorphosis depending on the conditions of their environment. After various foodstuffs are harvested, they begin to lose their vitality functions and rot. Storing these products with cold storage after harvest preserves the metabolism of the product and keeps it fresh for a long time. Food products stored in insulated and air-conditioned rooms called cold storage are delivered to the consumer in a fresh way.

What is cold storage of products? The answer to the question may be as old as the earliest periods of human history. Because people have always looked for ways to store their food for a long time. Today, this need is easily met thanks to the products that are the gift of technology to us.

What does a cold storage do? Various drugs, medical supplies and foods can be damaged as a result of microorganism activities. These entities, which cannot be seen by the human eye, can be listed as bacteria, viruses or micro fungi. Since cooling systems make it difficult for many microorganisms to reproduce and survive, nutrients can remain intact for a long time.


What are the Features of Cold Storages?

How should cold storages be? These warehouses are special areas in which the weather conditions are constantly monitored and isolated so that there is no air exchange with the outside. Thanks to the insulated parts used, they are not affected by the climatic conditions outside. It is ensured that the air in the warehouse reaches all surfaces and the entire warehouse equally. The cold room can provide cooling between 15 degrees and -40 degrees depending on the product to be stored. Warehouses can be classified according to these temperature values.

  • Cool Storage: Between 8-15 degrees,
  • Cold Storage: Between 2-8 degrees,
  • Refrigerator Storage: Between -4 and 2 degrees,
  • Frozen Storage: 0 to -25 degrees,
  • Shock: -25 to -40 degrees

According to the product to be stored, the cold room temperature values are adjusted and the products are kept in the most ideal conditions. Food products are hygroscopic products. They exchange moisture with their environment. Therefore, industrial humidification device is used in the cold storage.


Cold Storage Rules

Industrial cooling device and humidification systems are used for temperature and humidity monitoring . With cold storage, many categories of products can be stored. We can list them as follows.

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat products
  • Dairy products
  • Fish
  • Medical products (drugs, vaccines, etc.)

These products can be affected by the temperature and humidity balance of the environment they are in. While temperature change triggers the growth of microorganisms, moisture loss of the product may reduce its quality and cause weight loss.

Where are cold storages used? The products to be stored are affected by the temperature and humidity balance of the environment they are in. While temperature change leads to the growth of microorganisms, the loss of moisture in the product can also change its quality and cause weight loss. Therefore, both temperature and humidity levels should be monitored in cold storage .


How is Cold Storage Made?

Cold storage allows food products to maintain their freshness without losing their metabolism. Therefore, there are some rules to be followed during the cold room installation and use. Before the warehouse is established, factors such as the type of product to be stored, the amount of stock and the input-output density are calculated and projected.

Cold storage doors are used and thus minimizing the risk of air leakage. By providing humidity control in the cold room, weight loss, darkening, wrinkling and deterioration of the products are prevented. Cold storage shelves prevent the materials in the room from affecting the climate values. The products should be arranged and stored in such a way that they do not obstruct the air flow.

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What is Cold Storage?