Wine Cellar Humidifier is a very important but ignored item in the wine cellar system. Using a humidifier provides a more hygienic environment in the wine cellars and it directly affects the quality of the wine.

Although wine making techniques come from a thousand-year-old tradition, mass-produced wines that have better quality exist in the global market with the contributions of today’s technology. Wine cellar humidifier allows you to control product loss, alcohol strength and evaporation effect in wine. It is indispensable to establish the ideal moisture for the wine at the fermentation stage.

What is Wine Cellar Humidifier?

Although the underground cellar has the right balance between humidity and low and high  temperatures, sometimes it may have not depending on climatic conditions. On the other hand,  the cellars above the ground must be artificially air-conditioned in order for the wine aging process to be successful. Therefore, fogging system must be built in the cellars.

Humidifier is used to adjust the humidity level in closed areas. It turns the water inside into micro grains and then gives it to the air. Thus, it moistens the dry air and assists to keep the humidity at a desired level while it is running. After the desired humidity level has been achieved, no further adjustment is required. The automatic humidifier will adjust the humidity automatically.

What Does Wine Cellar Humidifier Do?

Moisture balance is very important in the wine cellar. If the humidity rate in the cellar rises above 70%, it affects mold growing, wine quality and hygiene in the cellar. If the humidity drops below 50%, the wine corks dry out. Dry cork gets oxygen into the bottle and causes the wine to ferment early. Moisture balance in the cellar can be maintained with an automatic humidifier.

You can achive followings with wine cellar humidifier:

  • The fermentation period of the wine is kept under control
  • The hygiene of the cellar is preserved
  • Condensation and corrosion are prevented from damaging the pipes and structures in the winery.
  • Labels and packages are prevented from being damaged by excess moisture
  • A healthier working environment is provided for staff

How Does Cellar Humidifier Work?

Humidification System is mainly based on high pressure and water. The fogging system can reach up to 70 bar and sprays water particles smaller than 10 μm into the air. It can drop temperatures down to 15 degrees. It can be monitored and controlled with the help of its automatic system and electrical control unit. Once the moisture balance is balanced, it keeps it stable.

Humidifier Prices

Humidifier prices vary depending on the power and tank size of the system. Teknotek ultrasonic humidifier is available with 3,6,9 and 12 liter tank capacity. Considering the the industrial humidification device price, the amount of loss it will provide in wine production, the wear in the cellar and its effect on the quality of the wine, it will be an advantageous product for your cellar. You can contact us to get information for humidification system Ankara.

Wine Cellar Humidifier