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Greenhouse humidifier is used to protect plants grown in greenhouses from the high temperatures of summer months and to balance the humidity level of the grown environment.

In summers, while greenhouse humidity level decreases, waste rates increases. Therefore, the artificial environment that the plant needs is created with the greenhouse humidifier. Greenhouse humidity level is calculated depending on the type of plant grown, size of greenhouse and lighting intensity. Greenhouse humidifier and ventilation are used according to the ecological balance needed in the greenhouse.

Why Greenhouse Humidifier is Important?

Humidity in air plays an important role in adjusting the ecological balance inside greenhouse. The amount of evaporated water in the air directly affects the air temperature. The humidity rate varies according to the air temperature during the day. The humidity reduces during the hot weather but raises at night or in the morning. The optimum moisture level for natural plant growth generally ranges from 60 to 80%. In greenhouses, this rate is between 70-75%.

A decrease in greenhouse humidity level leads plant to close stoma and stop water consumption. So, the plant stops feeding and growing. If the loss of water is high, the plant fades and begins to fester. In order not to affect the growth of the plant and avoid loss, greenhouse fogger should be installed and air flow should be provided. A continuous evaporation exchange from the plant to the air is provided and the water exchange of the plant is kept in balance. Thus, fading and wastage are fell down.

Humidification Systems

How Does A Greenhouse Humidifier Work?

A Greenhouse humidifier sprays water particles smaller than 10 μm with high pressure into the air. High pressure converts water particles into gas and gives moisture to the air without wetting the plants. It can provide heat drop down to 15 degrees. The usage setting of the humidifier should be carefully calculated according to the size of the greenhouse, plant varieties and the climate values of the region.

What are the Benefits of the Greenhouse Humidifier?

Greenhouse humidifier has a big role in greenhouse. The humidity inside the greenhouse should be kept in balance and the ideal environment should be provided to the plant. Using a greenhouse humidifier, you can achieve followings:

  • The natural environment needed by the plant is provided,
  • By spraying the water into the air as microparticles, water drops are not left on the leaves and flowers of the plants,
  • It keeps the humidity rate constant depending on the change of air during the day,
  • It helps you control the temperature inside the greenhouse.

You can get the highest efficiency from your plants by using a greenhouse humidifier. You can adjust the greenhouse humidity level according to the plant you will grow. Teknotek greenhouse humidifier can provide humidity level between 25% and 95%. You can contact us to get information about our greenhouse humidifier.

Greenhouse Humidifier