Cold Room Shelves prices and sizes can be determined with special solutions for the needs of your project. Rack systems are one of the essential components of warehouse cooling applications. In order to ensure the continuity of our warehouse cooling systems and to prevent heat loss in the cold storage, the materials used in the system must be carefully selected and specially designed.

Cold Room Shelves are produced by using special materials in order to ensure that the cold storage area is used with maximum efficiency and that the cold air is distributed equally to every point in the warehouse. Shelving systems have a solid structure made of rods, wicker corners and jointly reinforced zigzag centered to each other. To increase its durability, the polyamide foot holders tighten the tapered parts at the corners. The feet of the system are made of 25 mm fully insulated tubing for strength and excellent stability. In addition, there are knuckles in our system, every 25 mm.

Cold Room Shelves General Features

Cold Room Shelves are in standard sizes and are examined in three different groups as chrome plated, painted and stainless. Shelf Systems can be designed and designed optionally depending on the usage areas and standards . The air permeability is reduced to zero with the case structure that is resistant to the adverse conditions of the external environment. You can instantly benefit from the product variety and special model options depending on your needs.

Painted Shelf Systems are electrostatically applied to the material and baked at 130 degrees. It is especially preferred for decorative purposes at home, office and dry warehouses. It attracts attention with its suitable and various color options.

Chrome-Nickel Plated Shelf Systems

It is formed by chrome plating and electro-chemical coating of nickel-chromium alloy and has a bright appearance. Hard and durable Chromium is included in our systems as an inexpensive and eye-catching material. We especially recommend this product for dry warehouses, showrooms, decoration and sales points.

Cold Storage Room

Stainless Steel Shelving Systems

It is one of our top quality products. This product, which consists entirely of 304 quality stainless steel, is an ideal product for cold rooms, wet and humid environments. This product is electro-polished for a hard surface that is extremely resistant to scratching and oxidation.

Would you like to get more detailed information about Cold Storage Shelves and Shelving Systems and equip your warehouse with systems above Turkish standards with the most suitable solutions? You can have all of these services, for which we offer the most affordable prices, with one phone call. Teknotek Cooling Systems is at your side with its 13 years of experience and quality work guarantee. We are at your service with the possibilities of bidding and projecting in different features in line with your needs in industrial cold storages!

Cold Room Shelves