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Cold Storage Panels

Cold Storage Panels are examined in three parts as Industrial Panel, Wall and Ceiling, Floor and Insulation. Today, the reason for the high amount of financial loss in products with expiration dates is that they are not stored correctly. The biggest reason for this is the insufficient cooling of the cold storage rooms or the inadequacies in the devices used for cooling and poor quality materials. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, we are at your service with the best prices and the highest quality devices.

Industrial Cold Storage Panel; Cold rooms and warehouses are fast and practical solutions for your healthy, safe and modern storage facilities without losing the properties of the product to be stored. Cold storages are manufactured in project applications, desired dimensions and features. Wall – Ceiling – Floor Panels can be produced in 60-80-100-120-150-200 mm thickness, 1000-1114 mm width and optionally from 500 mm to 12.000 mm length. Polyurethane rigid foam with a density of 42 kg / m³ is injected between the surface of the panels.

Cold Storage Wall and Ceiling Panels are produced on both surfaces (PVC)(Polyester) (Cr- Ni) (Galvanized) or optional surface options depending on demand and usage area.

Floor Panels & Insulation cold storage panels; The inner surface is 12 mm thick, the surface layers are made of original birch, non-slip, moisture-proof, hygienic and practical, easy to maintain, the upper side is dark brown, hexagonal textured plywood covered with 240 gr/m² density phenolic resin laminate, the outer surface is 0.50 mm thick. It is hot dipped galvanized sheet . The floor panels have a load bearing capacity of 3,000 kg/m² evenly distributed. It can be produced as (PLW + Galv) (PVC + KON + Galv) (Matt Cr – Ni + KON + Galv) Sheet on demand.

Cold Room Shelves

Cold storage rack systems ensure that the cold storage area is used with maximum efficiency and that the cold air is distributed equally to every point in the warehouse.

Cold Storage Doors

have three main types as Monorail, Sliding and Flip-Flap . According to the situation of your usage area, you can decide on the most ideal transition point for you by taking the opinion of our expert staff.

PVC Strip Curtains

Absorption Warehouse Cooling Systems

Absorption Warehouse Cooling Systems are used for heating and cooling purposes, providing both environmental protection and energy saving. Effective use of energy and increasing the possibilities of benefiting from renewable energy sources are gaining more and more importance day by day. As in all systems, the economic applicability and application methods of renewable energy sources are of great importance in the cold storage sector. Absorption warehouse cooling systems, which are systems that can be used for cooling, are especially preferred by our customers because they work with renewable energy sources such as solar energy and geothermal energy, and thermal energy sources such as waste heat from industrial facilities.

Cold Storage Practices

You can safely choose Teknotek quality for the most suitable solutions for your cooling systems, cold storage, cold storage panels, cold room shelves, cold storage door needs and professional service support. You can call us to get information about cold storage prices and fill out the Online Offer Form on our website.

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