Cold Storage Project and Installation Service

Cold storage project design and installation service is frequently requested by companies that manufacture products that need protection, such as agricultural products, bakery products or medical supplies. Cold stores are used to extend the life of products and to preserve their natural properties.

Cold storage project and installation service ? It is a detailed study carried out to meet the needs of businesses that need cold storage. A project is made by taking into account the characteristics and size of the required warehouse and which product groups will be stored. Then the installation is carried out in accordance with the project.

Cold Storage Project and Installation Service

Cold Storage Project Design and Installation Service Expenses

The temperature of cold stores can be adjusted in accordance with the product to be stored. Products can be stored at low temperatures or by freezing. Maintaining the temperature and humidity balance is another important function. What are cold storage services?

  • of foods
  • medical supplies
  • Bakery products

Cold storage systems are used to ensure that they are protected both economically and for a long time without deterioration. The volume and nature of the products to be stored are among the basic information required for project design. Even if the products are of similar weight, they can show significant differences in volume.

If a large area is to be used as a cold storage , this area can be designed as rooms. A different product group can be stored in each room. However, if a central system is requested, cooling systems can be installed in a large area. For this purpose, the most suitable cold storage devices and cold area panels should be selected for all systems.

Industrial cooling systems must be produced under conditions suitable for building physics in order to serve for many years. You can contact Teknotek Cooling to get information about the prices of project and installation services in the cold storage area .

Cold Storage Project and Installation Service

Cold Storage Systems

Cold storages designed according to the capacity of the product to be stored or the preferences of the business generally operate at cooling levels between +15 and -5 degrees. The freezing range is between 0°C and -40°C. Humidity control is adjusted according to the type of product to be stored. Regardless of what the product is, the cooling control is made fully automatic and at the same time with overload protection.

engineering , consist of various platforms. Among them, there are many solutions that we can list as follows.

  • heat tracking systems
  • cold storage doors
  • cold storage panels
  • Monorail pass sliding door
  • cold air panels
  • cold room shelves
  • PVC strip curtains

What Does Cold Storage Do?

Cold storages consist of various panels, doors and shelf systems. These systems can store products weighing tons of weight. cold stores; It is used in stages such as storage, processing, packaging or shipment of products.

The change in ambient temperature can lead to the growth of microorganisms and initiate the deterioration process of products. In addition, moisture loss can reduce product quality and lead to weight loss. The control and monitoring of temperature and humidity levels can be easily performed by the systems we provide.

How much is the cold storage? Factors such as the number, size and quality of cold stores determine the price. The average volume of the products to be cooled is directly proportional to the capacity of the warehouse. You can contact us for up-to-date information about prices.

Cold Storage Project and Installation Service