Insulated cooling panels, food products and chemical products remain intact. Especially food products preserve their freshness. Cooling panels with insulation feature prevent circulation between indoor and outdoor air.

Insulated cooling panels, especially companies working on food increase their profitability. Cooler panels ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables, animal products, aquatic products and easily perishable agricultural products preserve their naturalness from the moment of production to the moment they are presented to the customer.

Teknotek Insulated Cooling Panels

Insulating panels used in cold storage are one of the indispensable systems for companies working on food and selling products with deterioration. Our company Teknotek Cooling Systems markets insulated cooler panels both to Turkey and to the world and provides after-sales support to enable them to carry out their work in the best way possible. Our products are produced according to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Cold Room Panels Production

The most important feature of the cooling panels with insulation feature is that they provide the best insulation. In order to preserve the products in the best conditions, it is necessary to cut off the air flow. The air flow from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside can spoil the naturalness of the products. The cold storages produced by our company will provide you with serious energy savings thanks to their insulation feature. Cooler panels keep foodstuffs above freezing, between 1 and 15 degrees. Thus, water loss in food products is minimized.

Cold Storage Projects

The system, which ensures that the food stays fresh for a long time, consists of the following parts, depending on the quality of the product to be stored:

  • assembled and demounted panels
  • from the doors
  • from rack systems

These parts that make up the cold storage are built according to the size of the area where the system will be installed. If a large area is to be used as a cold storage room, rooms are created. If you want a smaller area to be used as a cooler, a central cooling system can be installed. Food products and some chemical products are very sensitive and need to be protected under the most suitable conditions.

The cold air techniques we use in the system we have established are made according to the climatic characteristics of the region, the period of preservation of the freshness of the product, and the consumption period of the food. For this reason, great sensitivity is shown from the design phase to the installation phase of the cold storage.

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